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The Sixth Secret of

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The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove


The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove
is the natural next phase after 
secrets    One    Two    Three
    Four    and    Five.

I know this is going to sound way too good to be true,
so we encourage you to
AVOID drawing any conclusions until
you have examined the evidence
with an open mind.~

This secret
involves simultaneously fulfilling

two of the main human desires,
the desire to feel good    and
desire to be of service to others.

Fulfilling these two desires
are powerful behavior patterns within each of us.
They are part of our God-created,
natural state of being human. 
And, That's  the  way  it  is.

When we feel good, we raise
the collective rate of vibration of
of all humanity.  

When even only a small percentage of us
arefeeling good, individually,
we take all of humanity
into a Godly state of being
(a rate of vibration)
that the evil ones cannot reach.  

In our new state of being,
we live by the Seven Secrets of Llove.

At this level of God-Consciousness,
our natural focus is on
Llove, Compassion, caring, and sharing,
on expanding Joy-Llove-FahZoom and
on being of Service To Others.

We are actually putting
the The First Lost Secret of Llove into action

At our new Fifth Dimension Level of Consciousness,
we vibrate so high that
the Cabal and their old 3d Sheyittt
can no longer reach us.   

No arguing,    No fighting,   
No conflicts,   and   No wars.
No crime.    No criminals. 
No abortions.  No unwanted pregnancies.   No STDs.

We discover that religions do not go away.
They  evolve into a direct,
personal, inter-connection with
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.
Reference One
     Conscious Christianity / The Teachings ofJesus
Reference Two
     The Rules of Reality / How he universe Functions

For example, religion  evolves
from the lie that humans are outside of
and separate from God,
into knowing one's self
from inside of God,
and as a intimate piece,
part, aspect, perspective,
and representation of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 

For our Christian, brothers and sisters,
we offer an example of the evolution of religion
The fifth Dimension version of Chrisianoty
brings back the previously-ignored Teaching of Jesus.
We call the 5th-D version 
Conscious Christianity~

Truth, Beauty and Llove
Truth, Beauty and Llove are everywhere.
Truth, Beauty and Llove are in everything.

First, We'll describe the process and
then explain how and w
hy it works.

Being of service to others is giving Llove.
Giving Llove is the first of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
It is:

the most powerful,
the most joy-filled,
the most helpful,
the most productive, 
the most effective
the easiest way
to please yourself,
to celebrate Llove
at the same time 
be of service to others.
Service To Others Is Service To ALL.

Although it's hard to believe,
it's actually quite simple:  

Do what excites you .
Do what brings you your greatest joy.
Do what
makes you feel really, really good.  

Do what makes you feel
Healthy,   Whole,   Complete
,    Vibrant,    
Excited,   and   Alive.

Llove yourself.   Why?
Because Lloving yourself is prerequisite
for receiving Lloving.
Also, remember:
You are much more than a physical body. 
You are a God-Being               
experiencing life in physical form. 

Do w
hat makes you feel
to Life and Llove, 
connected to Source/Creator/God-Goddess,
Lady Gaia                                  (Sacred Mother Earth),
to all the other life forms,
to your fellow humans,  
to the inner God-Self ( subconscious mind / Innate)
which runs your physical body. 

Remember that
Llove,   Desire,  Connecting,   Contrast,  
Caring,   and   Sharing
are all aspects of your natural state of being.  
Do you remember Who and what you are?~

Take responsibility for yourself. 
Stay in
Full Integrity.
Llove and Appreciate~ everything
even that which feels bad.  

As much as you can,
focus your attention on and
feel the feelings related to
that which inspires you
to feel really, really good.  

I know this concept sounds
way too good to be true,
so, if you  want to learn more about
This previously Lost Secret of Llove,
We-I direct you to our full page

detailed explanation of this Universal Law.

This secret is also
in perfect harmony with
The Physics of Consciousness.     


Now, Let me give you the bottom line of
what all this means:

When you are aware of
your Godhood, (i.e. your natural state of being),
you naturally give and express Llove.  

When you give Llove,
no matter how you give Llove or
to whom or to what you give Llove, 
you are setting yourself up
to receive more Llove than  you give.
It's simply the Universal Law of Returns in action
"What you give out is what you get back."
By giving Llovve, you are creating Llove for yourself
and for everyone else.
See: The First Lost Secret of Llove.~

When you expand Llove,
you expand Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom
for everyone and everything.

Together, by Lloving ourselves and each other,
we raise our selves and our collective rate of vibrations
into a world so joyful
Evil cannot survive at our higher rate of vibration .

The Bottom Line:

*   Stop being angry, fearful, etc. 
*   Stop Worrying (To Worry is to misuse your creative energy.) 
*   Stop trying to be in control.
*   Allow what is to be whatever it is.
*   Llove yourself and Llove everybody else.

Every aspect of
all Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
all tell us the same message:
Llove yourself,
Llove your neighbor,          (all your fellow humans)
Llove God                            (Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess)
Because all three are   
One   and   The Same Thing.     





R. F.  18-04-01




As I sit here typing these words into a computer system
that I did not build.
while sipping on fresh apple juice that someone else made
out of apples that somebody else grew,
while siting in a chair the somebody else made,
while listening to music that somebody else created 
and somebody else recorded and
somebody else made available to me.

And on an on it goes.
Each person referred to above
is actually hundreds or thousands  of humans.
Literally billions of us are
all collectively Creating for the benefit of our fellow humans.

Our job is NOT to build a new Service to All social structure,
our job is to get the lies and illusions
out of the powerful system we already have.

Our job is to realize these truths:
*   To realize and be grateful for what we already have
*   To remove the four major Cabal lies
     that are screwing up the present system

***1   The Lie called Separation:
Separation from God,
Separation from nature and
Separation from our fellow uumans.
*   This denies the true nature of reality,
*   It denies the unity of everything.~
*   We and everything else are parts and pieces of
           a single unified Divine Whole.

***2   The Lie Called Scarcity:
This denies our True Nature as
*   Eternal, non-physical, God-Beings as
*   Great Creators,
     and that we live in
*   Source creator God-Goddess's
    Holographic Reality.

***3   The Lie called Violent Competition
Anyone with eyes that see and ears that hear
known that violence crates problems and that
Cooperation solves problems.

***4  The Lie called Money
You must have money in order to participate in
     the present, service to self social structure.
In the service to self social structure,
our ability to enjoy life is dependent upon
     how much money you have.
In the new Service to All social structure,
     there is so much abundance for everybody that there is
     no scarify and, therefore, there is no need for money.~
       ***   How to Prepare for the Now Inevitable and unavoidable
                Decline, Demise, and DEATH of MONEY






R. F.  18-04-01



Between now and the death of money,
an interim system is required.
You can find a detailed description of
a simple transition process at:



R. F.  18-04-01



Goodbye Capitalism How Collaboration Outperforms Competition Galactic Connection

This article reflects one commonly missing element:
Third Dimension life is an invisible, evil-controlled prison..~
Everything is secretly controlled and manipulated to be
bass-ackwards,   inside out,   upside down,   and   all mixedup.
It's based on lies, illusions, false beliefs, sand much more
It's the exact opposite of the true nature of humanity.

Third Dimension Consciousness - How it Relates to 4d & 5d
3D, 4D, 5D, The Dimensions and their Differences -
YouTube     21:53







L2  Second Lost Secret of Llove

R. F.  18-03-07


In the First Secret, we  talked about Giving Llove.~
In the Second Secret, we shared  knowing  that You Are  Llove.~
We opened the door to
We suggested Ways to Celebrate Llove.~  

In the Third Secret, we examined  Oneness and Unity of All .     

In the Fourth Secret of Llove,~  we learned that
            humans are each a piece, a part, an aspect of God.

Now you know the intention of
and purpose for Llove Day Celebrations.

We have shown you
the worlds best job, It's Party Time!  

Then, we shared with you several invitations
from this website's author/ creator.

We have shown you
The Fifth Lost Secret of Llove
            including how to create The Llove of Your Life.   

We have shown you

The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove~     
(Service to All).

Now it's time to place
the new-Found
Secrets of Llove

in the context of our Fifth Dimension Earth lives.
See the links in the section below.       



R. F.  18-04-01

Convex Earth  





Where will this truth lead us?




R. F.  18-04-01


Later, we'll show you
The Seventh Lost Secret of Llove
Freedom - Liberty - Sovereignty 

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The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove

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R. F.  18-04-01