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The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove






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Join us in our
Fifth-Dimension Full-Moon-FahZoom

Llove-Day Celebrations



Never Mind the Details.      Take Me to the Party






Welcome to:



Full Moon
of Llove

Llove-Day Celebrations


       Take Me to the Party


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Everyone  Is Invited



F.R. 18-03-09



The Celebrations,    
     The Parties,    
          The Participants,   
                    The Abundance of Llove Energy
                           are acting collectively
                                to build a permanent
                                      Electro-Magnetic Energy Field  
                                           focused on
           We build this
                 Llove-Energy Field
                     for Gaia and for all Earth Humans
                          who choose to participate in     
                               monthly celebrations of Llove.

                                    We celebrate Llove and
                                          we Horning of Prime Creator
                                               for Her gifts of Life and Llove.    







How to Celebrate Llove   


What is the best way to
Celebrate  Joy-Fun-FahZoom Day?  

The most powerful,
the most joy-filled
the most helpful,
the most productive, 
the most effective, 
and the easiest way
to celebrate Llove and
at the same time 
be of service to All

has eight, simple steps.  

During FahZoom Day:
1)    Do whatever it is
       that excites you the most.

2)   Do whatever it is
brings you your greatest joy.   

3)   Do whatever makes you feel
       really, really good.  

        Do what  brings you happiness.

4)   Do what makes you feel
       Healthy, Whole, Complete, Vibrant, Excited, and Alive.
       Llove yourself as a God in physical form.

       Do what makes you feel: .
       *   Connected to Life and Llove; 
       *   Connected to Source/Creator/ God-Goddess;
       *   Connected to Lady Gaia   (Sacred Mother Earth);
       *    Connected to all the other life forms;
       *   Connected to your fellow humans;  
       *   Connected to the inner-beingness
                  that  manages your physical body. 

Remember that

Llove, Desire, Connecting, Caring, and Sharing
are all aspects of your natural state of being.  
Do you remember Who and What you are?~

5)  Take responsibility for yourself. 

6)   Stay in
Full Integrity.

7)   Llove and Appreciate~ everything, including yourself.

8)   As much as you can, during Joy-Llove-FahZoom Day,
       focus your attention on and
       feel the feelings related to
       that which inspires you
       to feel
       really good.  

If you have not already done so,
we recommend that you read our home page.~ 
Our home page includes  part one of
Ways to Celebrate Full Moon FahZoom Day.

That's how to celebrate FahZoom Day.      

<><><>   <><><>  

FahZoom is a Fifth Dimension word

While in physical form,
orgasm is the ultimate Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom.

Each month, we focus on the 36-hour period
beginning 24 hours prior to
the exact moment of the full moon
and 12 hours after.  
The clock times will be different
depending on where you live.
Check the internet for the time where you live.

During this 36-hour period,  
we invite participants
***   to meditate and focus on  Llove  
***   to experience one or more orgasms,
***   hold the clearly stated intention of:
         enhancing the joy, the health, the wealth, 
          and well-being of ones self.
***    Hold the clearly stated intention of:
nhancing the joy, the health, the wealth  and well-being,
          of everyone
 who choose to participate in
          the FahZoom Day Full Moon Celebrations of Llove.   

We are creating a FahZoom Family,
a Llove Collective
for the benefit of all the participants.  
More on that in a moment.

Imagine sending Llove, joy, and abundance
to everyone in our FahZoom Family, 
similar to the way  we wish people
Merry Christmas  or Happy New Year.

We wish you
Blessings Be Llove.     or   
Have a FahZoom Day. 

Celebrate    where ever you are.
Celebrate    any way you choose

During the Full Moon Day of Celebration,
express and experience only Llove and joy.
For that 36-hour period,  
focus on intentionally creating
FahZoom experiences. 

If you have other activities that require doing, 
do them ahead of time and, as part of you celebration,
celebrate another task completed.

We recommend that
as closely as possible
to the exact moment of the full moon,
you choose 
and then experience
your   most-Lloving  and most exciting 
experience of joy.






the Benefits of Celebrating Llove Day


Here's more about
The Power of Llove and
the Benefits of Celebrating Llove day

The quote below  is evidence
supporting the validity of the laws that  make up
The Physics of Consciousness.~


The quote below comes from
Dr. Deborah Rozman,
President of Quantum Intech.

"Research findings have shown that
as we practice heart coherence
and radiate love and compassion,
our heart generates a coherent electromagnetic wave
into the local field environment
that facilitates social coherence,
whether in the home, workplace, classroom
or sitting around a table."

"As more individuals radiate heart coherence,
it builds an energetic field that makes it easier
for others to connect with their heart.
So, theoretically it is possible that enough people
building individual and social coherence
could actually contribute to an unfolding global coherence."

There's much more.  
We encourage you to read  the entire article.

<><><>   <><><>

What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence – Collective Evolution      





Brandy is an example of what
commitment~ can accomplish.


                     Thank you Brandy Gillmore!



R. F.

   Why Celebrate Llove Day?  


We'll let these folks tell you:

Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) - HeartMath Institute      







To connect with other 5d people and
to connect with others participating in 

The Full Moon Celebrations of Llove
go to the book chapter titled
Fifth Dimension People to People Connection Services -








During our monthly celebrations, we radiate the energy of
The Full Moon Celebrations of Llove
to all humans committed to
becoming full Fifth Dimension~ beings.

Anyone who has committed him-herself to becoming
a fifth dimension conscious being,
automatically receives the waves of
The Full Moon Celebrations of Llove.

To take in this energy, all he-she has to do is
acknowledge receiving the energy  and its    his-hers.

Those who do not
consciously and intentionally
choose to receive
the waves of Llove energy,
receive nothing.

Those not committed to becoming 5d beings,
receive nothing





   Everyone Seeking
Full Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Is Invited     

It doesn't matter where you live or
how old you are or
your gender or
your choice of excitement.
There's no money required.
No partner is required.

To join the celebration, there is only two requests:
One:   Be committed to
            becoming a 5d conscious being.
Two:   Honor Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's
            Prime Directive: 
            Thou Shall NOT Violate!    

Everyone Seeking 5d Consciousness Is Invited    .






Los Angeles Time PST 2018
Jan. 1       06:25 PM  
Jan. 31     05:27 AM  
Mar. 1      04:52 PM  
Mar. 31     05:37 AM  
Apr. 29      05:59 PM 
May 29     07:20 AM  
June 27    09:54 PM  
July 27     01:22 PM  
July 27      01:22 PM    
Aug. 26     04:58 AM  
Sept. 24    07:54 PM  
Oct. 24     09:47 AM   
Nov. 22    09:41 PM   
Dec. 22    09:50 AM   

Check the Internet for the time in your area.         




Post Secret #4    About Llove Day Celebrations

R. F.  18-03-07


In the First Secret, we  talked about Giving Llove.~
In the Second Secret, we shared  knowing  that You Are  Love.~
Then,  we opened  the door to Creating-a-Celebration-of-Llove-Day.~ 
Then, we suggested Ways to Celebrate Llove.~  

In  the Third Secret  we examined  Oneness and Unity of All.      

In the Fourth Secret of Llove,~  we learned that
            humans are each a piece, a part, an aspect of God.

Now you know the intention of
and purpose for Llove Day Celebrations.

It's Party Time  
We show  ways to create infinite abundance
while enjoying  the Llove-Day  Celebration Parties.     

By every measure, this is the world's best job.
Take Me to the Party.  


Complete Site Map:   






R. F.     18-04  21




Rev. Robert Cote'   aka   AhhHoom FahZoom  

I Am a Visionary
I am a 5th-Dimension Guide and Trainer.
I am a Fifth-Dimension-Systems Designer.
               See Example~

I am here on Earth to participate in
the first ever-

Re-Birth of an Entire Planet. 

My Job,    My Joy,    My Play
is to be in physical form and create
prototype designs,
that can be used
to build our new  5th-D. World.

May I introduce myself

Author of
      Adventures  In  5d  Consciousness~    
Creator of
      5th-D. People to People Connection Services~   

First Minister of
      Conscious Christianity~
Originator & First-Designer of
     FahZoom Town~   
Your Way-Shower for 
     Fifth Dimension Coaching, and Consulting~
Visionary-Creative-Designer of
     5th-D. Foundation/Corporation Business Partnership~

Director of Learning, Becoming, and Experiencing
     The  Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
Creator, Finder, and First Designer of
     Full-Moon Llove Celebrations  
     Celebrating the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~     


Join us in
Adventures  in  5d  Consciousness  








First Cost: 
      You must give up your third dimension
      life as a slave in the invisible prison
      owned, run, and managed by the Cabal Criminals.

Second Cost:
      By participation     or    by donation.

      Your participation in our mission
      places you on the receiving side of
      the wealth that our projects will generate.

      If you choose not to participate,
      you must  donate to us whatever
      our website's exchange value is to you.  
      You determine how valuable our websites are to you.     





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TLC-Life-Center is based on the three keys of creation

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Universal Consciousness .  

We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal

connection to Source/Creator/God-Goddess.  
Our goals include creating Personal freedom, 
Financial Freedom, and
Enlightened Consciousness for all

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Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    





R. F.  18-03-07