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F.R. 18-03-09



The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
are not actually lost.  
Since the beginning of recorder history,
the truth about how the universe functions 
has been kept hidden from humanity
by evil beings using a network
of secret, criminal organizations.~

Compared to what you are used to,
you will soon find  that
The Fifth Dimension
is a very different world.  

It functions at a much higher
(much faster) rate of vibration. 
The 5th-D. world is invisible to
those still stuck in third dimension consciousness. 

It's invisible because the changes are NOT directly physical.
The changes are in a faster rate of vibration, 
a rate of vibration hat is out of perceiving range
of being living in third Dimension Consciousness.

There is nothing mysterious or magical
about Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
Everything simply follows Divine Law.   
We refer to these laws  as
The Physics of Consciousness.~ 
Why?   Because Divine laws are actually
the principles of physics put into action
in Source/ Creator's Holographic Universe.~

May we guide you through the transition
from third dimension~   to   Fifth Dimension.~
This is a huge jump, so, be patient and
don't expect an instantaneous transformation.   

Let me share a brief truth about money   
and then we'll glide ever so delightfully into





R. F.  18-03-27




We are not here to make money. 
We are here to find and expose the truth.

Do you recall the Joseph Campbell quote:
"Follow your bliss and the money will follow."
Well, here is the 5th Dimension version of that quote:

Follow the truth and
not only will the bliss and the money follow,  
but also,  
so much wealth will show up
that money will become obsolete and valueless.    










Llove is first and foremost about giving Llove.  
Your ideal point of focus is
on receiving Llove.
It is on giving Llove.

Why do we say that?   
Because receiving Llove is
the inevitable unavoidable consequences of giving Llove.  

When you focus on giving Llove,  
you get back Llove that is
much more powerful and much more joyful
than the Llove you gave out. 

It's expanded because
everything is always growing. 
So you get back an expanded version of
what you gave out
This is an example of God's infinite supply
of anything and everything

The Llove you get back is based on
the the amount, the intensity, the frequency (how often) 
and the duration of
the Llove that you gave out 

In other words:
The bigger, the stronger,
the more powerful your Llove  is,
the bigger your Llove base is.
And as an inevitable result,
about the Llove which you experience
grows and increases exponentially.

A tree is an excellent, physical example of:
Exponential Growth.
This is also referred to as momentum.  

A small tree can only produce
a small amount of new tree-material.  
A large tree can produce a large
amount of new tree-material.  
The same is true of our Llove

This First Law of Llove expresses Divine Truth.  
We say this because
it's a perfect expression of
The Physics of Consciousness.~

Jesus also told us
The First Lost Secret ofLlove:
"It is more blessed to give than to receive."
Here, again, Jesus is speaking
The Physics of Consciousness .
He is saying it in the language of His era.

All you have to do is
know, understand, and experience
Being Lloving in whatever way you chose
to express being Lloving.  

Llove from your heart and not from your head
Start by Lloving yourself~ exactly as you are.

Thank you.    

Below on this page,
you can  continue reading about
The First Lost Secret of Llove,
You can  take the shortcut to




R. F.  18-04-01



Llove is about giving Llove.  
This is true for three basic reasons:

1***   If you are focused on  seeking Llove,
                that means you don't have it, and
                      the Universal Law of Attraction
                             gives you more not having Llove,  

2***   Because for every giver there must be a receiver.  
Giving Llove    and   Receiving Llove
      dance together
             in perfect harmony with each other.  

They grow together
Both grow and transform into
their next level of experiencing Llove.  
That's you.      That's me.     That's all of us.

Remember, we, including you and me,
we are  the creators, the givers
and the receivers of all that Llove.

How that Llove shows up will absolutely amaze you.
I say this from personal experience.
This is exponential growth.   
          Givers and receivers are both integral aspects of
           the new, 5d,  Service to All, social structure.  

3***   Remember the Universal Law of Returns,  
          What you put out is what you get back.

By Universal Law, 
The Physics of Consciousness,
If you give Llove,
must also receive Llove.   

The more Llove you become and express,
the more Llove you receive,  

This goes from the basics:
(smile at someone and experiencing a   feel good feeling)
all the way up to
receiving absolutely anything and everything
you could possibly ever
what, need, desire, or require.

For example,
I give joy and Llove
by creating this Fifth Dimension book,
Adventures  In  5D  Consciousness,  
As an inevitable consequence,
the Llove I receive also expands.  

As the the level of Llove in our social structure expands, 
the level of Llove I receive also expands.  
I imagine the infinitely expanded level of joy and Llove
that I will receive back
when the mutual Llove in our  social structure expands
and billions of humans, all giving Llove to each other.   

Everybody will have expanded Llove to give.
The more we give the more we get.  
The more we get, the more we can and do give.        
There is no end to the possibilities available to us,
Right Here!   Right NOW!

And remember the ways that we can  give, express
and  be Llove are limited only by your ability to imagine.
You are a Great Creator.   
You can create like God because you are God.  

When you look outside your self
into your external world,
you are looking at mirrors of yourself.   
The external world expresses your consciousness 
in the context of or collective social structure.  

Begin by Lloving yourself. 
You are God.

Our job as individuals and as
The Family called Humanity 
is to adjust our consciousness 
so that we vibrate in vibrational harmony
with the vibrations of the universal Laws.~ 
These laws are the context~ in which we live our lives. 
The Universal Laws function consistency, without exception

Choose to  Ignore the Law of giving and Receiving
Continue as is. 
Do nothing
Learn  nothing.
Continue living in Secret Slavery.~
Experience more of the same, old  sheyit.~

Choose  to Learn and Live by this Law:
Learn the Rules   
Know the rules.  
Apply  them to your life: 
Experience Giving Llove.  
Experience Receiving Llove.  
Experience Sharing Mutual Llove.  
Experience  Joy, Abundance, Freedom.    





F.R. 18-03-09




We Are All Made of Llove 
Llove is all there is.     

Llove is consciousness.  
Consciousness is Llove. 

Nobody really knows what Llove is
or how we came to be made of Llove.
What we do know is that
     Llove feels really, really good,  
      and we know we all want more.
But most of us don't yet know how to attract Llove.

From 5d Consciousness,
it's easy to see why 3d success rate is so low.
It's because we have been  focusing our attention on
attracting, and wanting
instead of on
being and having.  

As a response,
The Laws of Creation,
give themselves more not having.


We now know
how to overcome this challenge.
We now have added an additional piece of knowledge
to our understanding of Llove.

We now know how to receive Llove.
      Just be and express Llove.   

Give Llove and you get more Llove. 
     It's really that simple.

Do you see the Joy-Circle here?
Be Love.  Express Llove.   Receive Llove.
Have more Llove to share  
Be More Love.  Express More Llove.   Receive More Llove.

It's simply the Universal Law of Returns in action
What you put out is what you get back.  
"As you Sew, so shall ye Reap"
"Do onto others as you would have them do onto you."

When you express Llove, Compassion,
care for, and share with each other,
you are expressing your true, God-Self  nature.   
Your true nature
is to Know, to Feel,  to Express,  and
to Experience yourself
as the  God-Self~ that you are,
and to do so while living on Earth in physical body.

You and your God-Self are made of Llove.  
Both are  not only made of Llove, both are Llove.

You Are Llove!

Keep this in mind because when you get to
the third and fourth lost secrets,
you'll begin to see how all the seven secrets
fit with each other in perfect harmony. 

you are becoming a human expression

of these Seven Secrets of Llove.  
We're only on step two.  
We suggest that you 
Relax.    Allow.   Enjoy.     Just Be.

Next, we add 
Honor,  Respect, and Appreciation.   











In Honor and in Celebrations of
God's Gift to Humanity
Life   and   Llove.


The TLC-Life-Center's
Cosmic-Awareness Training Team
has designed a monthly,
Full-Moon Celebration
that can and will bring public attention
to honoring Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
gifts  of Life and Llove.

Celebrating Llove is critically important
for the advancement of humanity. 
Our celebrations will dramatically speed up 
the shift from 3d to 5th-D. Consciousness.

Celebrating is quite the opposite of fighting.
To-Fight-Is-to-Lose:           To-Fight-Is-to-Lose

Let's hear Corey Goode's perspective on this challenge.~  
Corey talks about why we need to focus on
"creating an optimum. temporal reality
Temporal means Earth life.
In other words, we need to focus of creating
a free, Llove-based, fully-functional,
Service to All  social structure.   

Find Corey online at:     
Listen to minute 23:40   to    25:30

Also, listen to his perspective on:             
To Fight is to Lose:   Minute 25:30   to   36:56
<><><>   <><><>

Notice that Corey said:
The low-vibration evil ones cannot exist in our society
when our social structure reaches a high vibration
Did you get that?   

We end wars not by fighting something
outside of ourselves, but
by Lloving one another
from inside of ourselves.

This is in perfect alignment with
The Physics of Consciousness.  

The ultimate way to  End War Forever
is to raise our collective level of Llove
so high that we vibrate ourselves
out of reach of evil beings.

I begin Lloving myself enough to
do what excites me,
what thrills me,
what brings to me more
Fun-Joy, Llove FahZoom.

      By Lloving Myself.  
      By Lloving my fellow humans 
      By Lloving God,
WHY ?   
All three are ONE and the same thing.         






R. F.  18-04-01





Now that we know how and why, lets
Practice Lloving and being Lloved.
Most of us have a significant lack
on the receiving  side of Llove.

Stay with this for a moment:
Imagine and feel the feelings of
being in a new world:
*   Feel yourself being in a world with out fear,
*   Feel yourself being in a world based on Llove.
*   Feel yourself being in a world of Service to All
*   Feel yourself being in a world where
     everybody knows, understands, practices, and lives by
    ALL SEVEN  Lost Secrets of Llove.

Then let's build it. 
It's already for presentation
The curtains will fall away and there
shall you see The Celebrations have already begun.

In the third dimension consciousness,
the crooks, con artists, and  criminals
have been having a heyday
each month at the time of the Full-Moon.

Now that we are moving into
Fifth Dimension consciousness
and into  a Service-to-All social structure,   i
it's time to redirect the full moon energy
into expressing Llove.

The TLC-Life-Center's
Cosmic-Awareness Training Team
has designed monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations
in honor of God's gift of Life and Llove.

The TLC-Life-Center's
Cosmic-Awareness training Team
representing ourselves as We-The-People
do hereby declare the following into existence:

Beginning on August, 21, 2017,
the day of 2017 lunar, solar eclipse)
every full moon day
is hereby declared to be a Celebration of Llove Day.   
We celebrate, honor, and express our gratitude of
Source/ Creator God-Goddess~
in recognition of
Her gifts of Life and Llove and much more~

As part of understanding  the power and
the effectiveness of the Full-Moon Celebrations, 
we'll introduce you to the ways we,
at FahZoom Home,










The way to Celebrate Llove
is by doing things
and experience experiences
that bring you great Joy.

Some Examples:
1)   Drink your favorite drink.
2)   Eat your favorite food
3)   Enjoy a meal with family, friends, and guests.
4)   Listen to Love Music and to your favorite music.

5)     Become our own
            Recording our Creations:
                         Story Telling,   
                                and much more.

6)   Enjoy your favorite activity.   
Take a warm bath.  
Take a walk ii the park. 
Skinny dip in  the pool. 
Do only the things that makes you feel really really good. 
Just Remember to stay in full and complete integrity.  

If there is a task that requires doing,
do it ahead of celebration day and
add its completion to your list of things to celebrate. 

Give and/ or receive a foot rub,
a back rub,
a body massage
a full body massage.

Give and/ or receive oral sex.
Play the Yoni Dance game (mutual masturbation)
Dance the Lingam-Yoni dance. ( i.e. Make Llove)
Float gently into sensual/sexual ecstasy.

Express gratitude and appreciation. 
Think of 33 things in your life to be grateful for.
Now think of and list 22 more.

Send feeling of Llove to
all your fellow Llove Day Celebrants.  

Think of 33 thing to Llove.  
Send Llove, send feeling of Llove to each of them.

Think of something that
generates a negative emotion in you.
Feel that feel bad feelings.
Allow to just be for a moment or two.
Then send Llove into that feeling and into
who or whatever you think
caused your negative feelings.
Then let it go.
Imagine Llove taking the place of what y0u let go of.
See the Abraham Hicks message
How to feel good about feeing bad.

Sit quietly for a few moments and
imagine the feelings the feeling your favorite fantasy.
How does that inspire you to feel. 

<><><>   <<><>

In preparing yourself for our Llove day celebration,
obtain or arrange  whatever you intend to use
on Llove's celebration day

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Here's how to best be of service
to all the rest of your fellow humans,
not only on Llove's Celebration Day,
but everyday, as well:
Give Llove!
Give Llove in every form and
in every work and every play. 

When timing is right
Feel the joy of adding the gift of
body-with-body, physical Love. 
Enjoy your joy as blissfully as you can.

Get Physical:
Get and give a foot rub.  
Get and give a back rub.  
Get and give a full body massage
Experience orgasm.

Experience multiple orgasms.
Experience your favorite sexual fantasy.

We are about to give you a new understanding of
the experience called Llove and
the experience called Orgasm


Be aware that a war is going on
for the control of collective, human consciousness.

Be Aware of It!    
AVOID  giving it any significant attention


Being and Expressing Llove:
Being and Expressing Llove is the answer
Because Llove is the highest vibration in the universe,
Llove can  and will take us out of reach of the evil ones.~

But, here's God's  deal.   
US, You, Me, and Everyone Else,
we have to do the Lloving.   

<><><>   <><><>

Next, we'll describe our
Llove-Day Celebrations~
and invite you to
add your Llove to
Llove Day  Celebrations.    




R. F.  18-04-25




Are you ready to learn about and then Celebrate
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove?    

Please join  the growing portion of humanity
that each month    on the day of the full moon
take time to Honor and Celebrate 
Life  and   Llove

We invite you to
add your Llove to the Celebration.

Celebrate  wherever  you  are.
Celebrate  any  way  you  choose.

Learn about the powerful impact
that the energy of our combined Llove
is having on each of us and on our social structures.    






R. F.  18-03-07



In the First Secret, we  talked about Giving Llove,~
In the Second Secret we shared  knowing  that You Are  Love,~
Then  we opened  the door to Creating-a-Celebration-of-Llove-Day~ 
Then we suggested Ways to Celebrate Llove.~  

Next we will  examine the third secrets of Llove,~

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