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Real money defined is gold and silver. Money is a form of goods and services.

Fake money defined is fiat money, make-believe money, the illusion of money, and federal reserve

 bank notes. Real money has 11 main attributes - measure of value, medium of exchange, storage of wealth, and more.


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The    Boom-Then-Bust-Cycle   Fraud/Scam



C S 18-06-22





 The Boom /Bust, financial Cycles Are Intentionally Created
They do non just happen naturally
like the seasons of the year

Here's an Overview of This Wealth Stealing Scam:
*   The bankers pump huge amounts of fiat money
     (fake money / non-existing money) into the economy by
      lending it to people, to businesses and to governments.

*   The economy booms

*   Once the criminal bankers have a net full of debtors
     they pull most of the money back out of the system.

*   Soon, almost everybody  runs out of  money,
     buyers stop buying.
    There is no money to pay the debts to the banker's.
     The economy declines or crashes.
creates a recession / depression.

*   Bankers call in their unpaid loans.
People  get desperate.
     Because the borrowers have no money to repay the loans,
     homes business and Governments
either lose their property by foreclosure
     or they are forced to sell a portion of their assets
     at fire-sale prices in order to repay the loans
   The bankers or their hidden cronies,
     buy up assets at fire-sale prices

*   Then ,the banking criminals
      start the cycle all over again.

*   This boom /Bust cycle has been repeated endlessly
     since the Cabal Banking criminals 
     took control of the U.S. monetary system in 1913.
     It's still going on today, August, 2020.

       A stable money supply is the key to
       everybody's economic  stability

*   This boom / bust scam  steals the wealth.
     because the people are mind-manipulated
     not to think for themselves and
     not to question those in control.

*   O
ur so-called leaders simply ignore
     people who expose the scam.  

For another description of the Boom-Bust Cycles, go to:

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15 Jun 09


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