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Great God,


In all the world's religions and
of all the would-be Gods, none is
more powerful in physical reality than

The Great God Money

Money  Makes
The  3d  World
Go  Around





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The Secret of Oz


Video:     The  Secret of Oz      

The Secret of Oz - Top Documentary Films

The Secret of OZ  1:56:24   Bill Still
The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11 - YouTube

This prize-winning documentary explains with irrefutable documented evidence how and why a secret cartel of Cabal criminal bankers have been controlling and manipulating almost every nation's money supply since at least as far back as the Roman empire.  






The-Two-Greatest Con-Games   


When you begin to study Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
you'll soon notice We-The-People
are taking back control of our own lives.

Money is a fake, a fraud, a scam
of unprecedented proportions. 
It's second only to organized religion
as the greatest lie, of all time.  

It's a major Cabal criminal tool
for stealing wealth and
for controlling the human population.  

It's used to create  scarcity, separation, powerlessness, 
behavior control, manipulation of consciousness,
mind control, and the illusion that violence solves problems.

The Death of Money
*   We are working together as teams,
     and by focusing on  giving Llove to each other.
*   By caring, compassion and sharing,
     we are creating so much wealth that
     scarcity is disappearing.
*   The decline  of scarcity is making money
     less and less valuable
*   Money will soon disappear completely.

Humans Are Made of and For Llove
Are you aware that the scientifically proven, and
natural state of human consciousness is
*   to cooperate, 
*  to give Llove,  and
*   to be of service to each other.

*   Ih process of giving Llove to Each other 
     Religion  is evolving into  Universal Spirituality.

Third dimension Religion called Christianity is a complete fraud.
Why?  Because Christian churches ignore The Teachings of Jesus
It's  fraudulent third dimension  concepts
designed to keep you in secret slavery.  

They teach that humans are separate from God,
that God created humans powerless and inherently evil,
then murdered his own son as an act ofLLove.
Now back to Money.


We highly recommend that you listen to
the description of our financial system by David Icke:      

The United States Banking System  
See minute 45 to 57.   

This Video has been removed from the Internet
by the Cabal Criminlsls

Type in
The United States Banking System 
into the Search engine and read
some of the sites found there.

Add taxes to each step in the cost added principle
he describes  and the end costs you pay are even higher. 






For a description of a simple Debt-free Monetary System
Go To
It include three steps:
1)   Cancel-All-Debts-to-Cabal-Bankers
2)   Create-a-Simple-New-Debt-Free-Domestic-Money-System'
      Separate from Corporate investment moneys
3   Beware-of-the-Bit-Coin-Con-Game .

Money Defined
23 Money defined

The Fake, Fraud, False God ---MONEY

The Federal Reserve
*   23 Federal Reserve

Fractional Reserve Lending~
*   Fractional Reserves-55

The Inflation Scam
*   23 - Inflation-Scam


     23  Boom/Bust-Scam

The Curse of Debt  --Renting non-existing money
*   The Curse of

Renting Illusions~
      Paying real  money (goods and services)
                                    for the use of make-believe (fiat) money 

Who Created the Wealth    And who stole it

Conflict of Interest
23 - Conflicts of Interest

23 - Debt - What is it - How it became the curse of humanity

Debt Defined
23 - Debt - What is it - How it became the curse of humanity

Deficit Spending  --  Who Pays
23-Deficit Spending - Who pays the Bills?

Sources of Income

23-Deficit Spending - Who pays the Bills?

The Truth about the Government Borrowing money
23 - The Truth in Borrowing

Two Great Con Games

How to Solve all 25
Major National Financial Problems
with Debt-Free Money
Directly  from the U.S. Treasury
from any State Treasury

All Home Loans Cancelled    
Cabal Criminal Bankers Defeated

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*   Section Title:     .    











16 PT    And who stole it

15 pt    

 Wakeup Time.

It:    ˛





golden-rule       golden-rule       ...

Con- Artist's Heaven

Money Defined~
         Step One is to find out what money really is.

The Federal Reserve  -- 
         Theft disguised as service.  

Renting Nothing - Renting Illusions   
         lending make-believe money
          and charging real money for its use.

Fractional Reserve Lending  -- 
          You are paying interest on make-believe money.  

Inflation  (Deficit financing)  -- 
          Inflation is caused mainly by government deficit spending.

Government Deficit Spending  --  
         How it secretly steals the money out of your wallet

Debt - What Is It?  --  
         How it became the curse of humanity.

The Curse of Debt  -- 
         The misuse of debt is a major factor in all human problems.   

Addiction to Money    Unconscious Addictive Behavior




In all the world's religion and
of all the Would-be Gods, none is
more powerful
in physical reality than

The Great God Money

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16 PT    And who stole it

15 pt    

 Wakeup Time.

It:    ˛