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This is a joyful journey into a very different World.
It's like going to a college or a university
There is a lot you can learn.
It takes about three months just to learn the basics.

From there, there you many possibilities
for yourself personally and for all of all of us collectively. 
We get to choose our own future and then,
we get to create it

***   Begin by ending your struggle against
        people, situation and sheyitt~
        that you see in the external world.

***   Begin by Lloving yourself.  
        You are Llove. 
        You are made of Llove.
        Llove is all there is. 

***   Begin by finding something to think about
        that inspires you to feel good. 
        Absolutely AVOID focusing your attention
        on people, situations and things
        that make you feel bad.

***   Begin by learning how to : 
         Relax.         Relax physically,  mentally, and  emotionally.
         Allow.         Allow what is to be as it is.
         Llove           Whatever the question or challenge is,
                             Llove is always part of the answer.
         Enjoy.         Do something that makes you feel good.
         Appreciate  Appreciate what you already have.
         Just be.     You are safe. 
                            You are in the arms of God-Goddess.    


Entering Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Has Some Requirements

*   The basic training is learning and practicing
     The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
*    It takes about three months just to learn the basics.

The Basic training will give you:
      An introduction to  how the Universe functions,

      You'll Learn who and what you really are.
      You will learn the Context in which we find ourselves
      You will learn the rules of conscious, intentional creating,

You get to decide  what you want to
     be, do, have, express and experience,

With you new Consciousness and your choicees,
the take action process begins with
*   Look around and finding what
     external resources we have available.
*   Applying internal laws inside of ourselves. 
*   Applying available resources to our present situation.


Read the pages linked below and
then, with your new knowledge,
return to the first of 
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
Notice that you will see, feel and experience
Llove at a new, higher, more joyous level.

The Context In Which We Find Ourselves:
We suggest you read the section regarding
The Universal Law of Context
and the section titled
The Universal Law of Correspondence.

Then, with your new information,
we invite you to examine the external world
in which we find our selves.

THE-BIG-LIE--Exposed!                    ...   THE-BIG-LIE--Exposed









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Our New Life in
Fifth Dimension Consciousness




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TLC-Life-Center is based on the three keys of creation

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Universal Consciousness .  

We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal

connection to Source/Creator/God-Goddess.  
Our goals include creating Personal freedom, 
Financial Freedom, and
Enlightened Consciousness for all

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       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

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Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    






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