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Dimension  Consciousness






Declaration  of  Sovereignty
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How  to  Be  of  Service
to  Everyone,  Including  Yourself







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The best way to be of service:
     is to learn the truth
     Remember the words of The Great Master
     "Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

The Self-Awareness Process:
     If this is all new to you,
     be gentle with yourself. 
     Learning is a process that takes time. 

The First Universal Law of Llove
     We suggest that you begin
by learning and then practicing
     the most basic rule of reality
     The First Universal Law of Llove~.

Unity Through Joy
     ***   In the third-dimension crisis and disaster
          brings people together
     ***   In the fifth-Dimension,
          you now have the opportunity
          to connect with others through 
          Joy,  Fun,  Laugher,   and   Celebration.
     ***   Join us each month in our
Full moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

         ***   This is one aspect of our Fifth-Dimension
                  pubic education system.
         ***   Here' where we will demonstrate the awesome power of
                 Collective Human Consciousness

The Universal Law of Thought
     We live in a Thinking and Feeling Person's Universe.
    Learn the Law of Thought and begin creating consciusly

If you are inspired to learn more,
go here:
What Is the True Nature of a Human Being.?

***   Find the truth about your self here:
What Is the True Nature of a Human Being    ...

If you have questions of require assistance,
Please contact us.

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Rev. Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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Everyone who participates with us
and declares his/her sovereignty,
Steps into the new, Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.

The New Beginning Has Arrived:
It's called  Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.
Find it first Inside-Yourself.~
Keep looking.
Soon it will begin to show up everywhere
Look Here~  .

When about a thousand of us
openly declare our Freedom & Sovereignty,
And sign our collective document of declaratio,
This will trigger a mass awakening
of the general population into
understanding the true nature of
What and Who  Earth-Humans really are. 

When you realize that you are
a God-Being and Great Creator,
you leave the third-dimension world of
the Cabal criminals and enter
the Fifth-Dimension consciusness
world of Freedom and Abundance for All

Our declaration creates a response from  God/Goddess
That response is to take each of us  into
God/Goddess's Divine protection from the Cabal

Others struggle because the do not understand that
Earth -Humans are actually
 aspects of,     parts of   and    pieces of God/Goddess.

The other thing to remember is that
the power of collective human Consciousness
is the strongest power in the entire Universe.

Here's another Cabal lie
In order to to become Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness
 requires you to straggling and fight the evil ones.

Like atracts that which is like itswelf.
Arguing and fighing keeps you stuck with whatever you are fighting
It brings you more to argue and fight about

ow, imagine

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Breath   Relax  Allow 
Apreciate   Enjoy   Just be 



Take in a full breath.
As you exhale, say,   Aahhh.!  
as if you had just experienced
something very pleasant,
such as a sip of your favorite beverage
Feel your body relaxing.

Take in another  full breath.
As you exhale, say,   Uuhhh.!  
as if you are experiencing
something very pleasant,
such as afoot rub.

Feel your body relaxing. 

Take in another  full breath.
As you exhale, say Oohhh  My . . ..! 
Wow.!   Thank you.
This feels like Mmorrrre.!

Mmmm.!   Mmmm.!  Just be.
Imagine the feel-good-feelings
such as feeling the after glow of
a delightful sexual experience. 

Become aware of your body's response
to all of this
Feel your body relaxing
even more.
Notice you shoulder muscles letting go.
Notice your jaw relaxing.
Notice what's going on in your lower abdomine.

If other extraneous thoughts come to mind,
just be the observer.  Let them be.
It it's something you need to deal with,
say thank you.  We'll  deal with you later.

How to Experience FahZoom-Feel-Good-Feelings with All Six Senses~

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Seven Lost secrets of Llove
*1  First Universal Law of Llove.
      The way to receive Llove
         is to focus your attention
               on giving Llove.

*2  Love is all there is.

*3   Everything is a Single, Unified Whole.

*4   Humans are Eternal, Non-Physical God-Beings.

*5   Humans Are Great Creators.
       We are hard-wired to be biological  thinking machines.
     Our thoughts and emotions are our tools of creation.

*6   Our new sercice structure is Service to ALL

*7   To be free, we must learn the rules of consciousness
     and declare ourselves o be Sovereign Beings.   ...

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Pg.-1  --  Message to the Trump Team Regarding their:
              "Declaration of the People of the United States
              for Global Peace and Prosperity" 

              Author:   "Man of God"~   Date:   30 August 2021

              Find the message Below on this page
Page Address:

Pg.-2  -- 
A List of Grievenceseam's
Declaration of the People of the United States
              for Global Peace and Prosperity" 

               Inspired by the document from the Trump Team
              Author:   "Man of God"~   Date:   30 August 2021

Page Address:  ..   ..  

Pg.-3 -- We-The-People's Declaration of Sovereignty
Page Address:

Page-4   The Ways-That-You-Can-Be-of-Service.
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Find a Copy of the Original Document

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The Ways You Can Be of Service

.Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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