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Declaration  of  Freedom
Liberty  &  Sovereignty
For  All  Earth  Humans
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We-The-People's  Declaration-of-
Freedom,  Liberty, &  Sovereignty

Our Goal is to within 177 days,
to have  this document signed
by 100,000 People
Who Choose
to Live in freedom, Sovereignty and Llove.






By adding my signature to this four-page document,
I/we hereby declare myself to be
***1   A free & Sovereign God-Being,
***2   I realize that I am  an expression of
          God/Goddess in physical form,


***3  I/We further acknowledge
         and understand that
         Earth-Humans  are all one people
         regardless of the different ways
         through which we express our sovereignty.

***4  I/we pledge to honor God/Goddess's Prime Directive

***5  I/We further pledge to honor, respect and care for
       Planet Earth and all of our fellow Earth dwellers.

***6   We sincerely appreciate and express our gratitude
          For all the gifts of Llove that
          we    Have,    Are.   &    Will continue to receive.:

       The Twelve Primary Gifts From 
       Source/ Creator/ God/Goddessd


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***  Read all  four pages of this document
       and check thee links included herein.

Speak out loud to God/Goddess and
declare your Godhood and your Sovereignty.

***Send us an email acknowledging your declaring you sovereignty
     Your Name   
     Your age
     Your  gender
     Date of your declaration
     City/community   State/region   country

     Your email address  will NOT be Published

***   You are also invited to participate in
Our people-to-People- connections Services program.
This is for people who choose to learn and share
Fifth-Dimension consciousness with their fellow God-Beings.

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I  Declare Myself to Be a Free, Sovereign Being.

# 1  Robert Cote'  aka  Aum FahZoom   September 1,  2021    
       North Hollywood California,   USA

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Pg.-1  --  Message to the Trump Team Regarding their:
              "Declaration of the People of the United States
              for Global Peace and Prosperity" 

              Author:   "Man of God"~   Date:   30 August 2021

              Find the message Below on this page
Page Address:


Pg.-2  --  A List of Grievances
              "Declaration of the People of the United States
              for Global Peace and Prosperity" 

               Inspired by the document from the Trump Team
              Author:   "Man of God"~   Date:   30 August 2021

Page Address:  ..   ..  

Pg.-3 -- We-The-People's Declaration of Sovereignty
Page Address:

Page-4   The Ways-That-You-Can-Be-of-Service.
Page Address

Find a Copy of the Original Document

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We-The-People's September, 2021
Declaration of Freedom Liberty  and Sovereignty

.Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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