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Dimension  Consciousness



Introduction to
Adventures  Into  Fifth  Dimension  Consciousness







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F.R. 18-03-09


*   Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     is a synthesis, a blend of information from
     literally thousands of different sources.

*   Our core team's job is to
     put all the pieces together in a friendly format,
     a format in which the information can:
    ^   be easily understood by anyone who chooses to learn,
         what and who humans really  are~, and
     ^   by anyone who chooses to learn
         The Nature of Reality / The Physics ofConsciousness /
         How the Universe Functions,~
     ^   by anyone who chooses to become free from
          evil's invisible, Mind-Control-Prison.~

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If you choose to participate with us in
Fifth-Dimension mutual support group
Here is what we ask of you

This book and the TLC-Life-Centers Family of Websites
 are designed for Students of Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.~.
They are designed for committed students and
for those who will teach others what they learned
while working and playing on
The Fifth-Dimension Freedom Team.

This book, this education system
 is definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE.!
We focus on three categories of People:

*1   If you are very wealthy, 
     Our services will cost you many thousands of dollars
     for permission to participate in
     our 5D. Education Program

    Your actual cost will depend upon your level of wealth
    For example, here is a copy of the letter
     we sent to Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr:

*2    If You Are
  <> a Truth Seeker,
  <> a Light workers
  <> a committed student of Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
       You have already paid the price of admission.
       Thank you  just for being you.
        Welcome to our team.

       You have free access to this book and
       you have free access TLC-Life-Center's
       group consciousness training  sessions
       providing that you:

    A)   Register with TLC-Life-Center
          Or are a member of Simon Parkes
          Connecting Consciousness Organization.

    B)   Indicate to us that you have read and understand
      The First Universal Law of Llove
         of the
Seven Lost Secrets of Llove 

    C)  We request, but do not demand that
         you offer your services free or at your cost
          to fellow truth seekers,
          to fellow light-workers 
          to fellow committed students on the Freedom Team
          What you charge for your products and services
          to those not participating in our
          Fifth Dimension, Training System
          is you own business, not ours.
*   We are friends, family, and business partners.
*   We are working and playing on
    the same team and for the same goal
*   Simple common sense says
     we DO NOT charge each other for our services.
*   Mutual cooperation and teamwork
         are vital key to our success..


*   If you still question the value of this principle,
     re-read The First Lost Secret of Llove.~

Our goal is to become a powerful role model for
     the new Fifth-Dimension Social Structure
     in which We-The-People
      work/play with and for each other
      as a single cooperating group~

     D)  Maintain ethics and honesty in all transactions.
       Nobody is going to check to see
       if you are playing by our suggested manner.
       Just remember, The Universal Law of returns tell us,
       that like attracts like,
       that you get back what you give out.

     E)   Be sure that every decision you make
           and every action you take
          is always positive  or neutral
          in its affect on others.!

Our co-creating  will create so  much wealth
that scarcity and money will both fade into history.~

*   If your are a looky lou,   
If you are just browsing with no real interest
in becoming one of us, 
Look at anything you like.
You just might find something of interest
We have  three suggestions for you:

1)   The First universal Law of Llove
of the
Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

2)   How to Be of Service
3)   Complete Content Index
for The TLC-Life-Center's
Living Library   and    Family of Websites

     In Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
     you will find find a vast array of information,
     much of it still distorted or  ignored
     by the evil ones whose intention was to
     keep humanity imprisoned in Slave Consciousness.~

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If you are sick of the evil ones lying to us about everything.
If you are sick of the so-called good guys
     hiding the truth from We-The-People,
     join us and we can end all that by working/playing together
As a collection of mutually-supporting teams,
     we each do what is required to build
     our new physical, Fifth-Dimension world~

Individually, we can make very little impact
     on our social structure.
However, we can accomplish absolutely anything, when
     We cooperate with each other,
Our job is to ignore evil 's Sheyitt Consciousness~ and
begin building our new Service to All Social Structure~

Let's begin by setting up a system where
we grow our own food:
Gardens -- Organic-Community-Owned Gardens
by,  of,  and  for   We-The-People

Let's begin our combined education
and entertainment system
with Monthly Full moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

Let's use/apply the Power of Collective Human Consciousness
to creating our new Fifth-Dimension Social Structure.

Let's begin by remembering who and what we really are:
Human Nature  What is the True Nature of Earth-Humans

Let's remind each other to always  be grateful for everything,
even when it appears to be something we DO NOT want.
Gratitude:  Step one in manifesting annything

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Our online book,
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
has at least  two hundred chapters.
Only about fifty chapters are are organized and listed
in the new structure.
The rest are scattered everywhere on our family of websites
Begin reading here:

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F.R. 18-03-09

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F.R. 18-03-09

Church Lies  

We were told that humans were inherently evil and
     incompetent nothings in a vast empty cosmic space   
*   that God was a superhuman being
     who lSived in the sky above planet Earth
     and the devil beneath you  unearth th crust of the Earth. 
*   That you must Llove god and fear him at the same time
*   God was angry, fickle and would mass murder humans
    any time he became displeased.
*   Thatyou  were separate from God, Separate from nature,  and
     Separate from each other.
*  Humans wer told that the the Earth
     was the center of the universe.
*   That life existed only on Earth.
*   That God murdered his his only begotten  son as an act of Llove   
They threw in the word begotten because it was a big,
      uncommon word nobody would know what it means
      and people would assume it was something special

     Dictionary definition of "begotten:    
     Past tense of beget.
     To have sex and produce  a child
     Dictionary Quote:
     '(typically of a man, sometimes of a man and a woman)
      bring (a child) into existence by the process of reproduction."
      "they hoped that the King might beget an heir by his new queen."

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F.R. 18-03-09

Post-Biden-Innauration Update

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  and  Aum   FahZoom

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F.R. 18-03-09

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