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Latest News and Updates
August 30, 2021  

    The Trump-Team published their

      against The Cabal Criminals and their controllers.
              "Declaration of the People of the United States
               for Global Peace and Prosperity" 

               Author:   "Man of God"~   Date:   30 August 2021

     Find a copy of their document,
     in the format in which they published it
..   ..

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Latest News and Updates
September 1, 2021

We-The-People  immediately responded
to the Trump-Team's  Declaration of War :
***   By thanking them for publicly
        taking open and visible action.
 ***   We offered our assistance..

<><><><><>   <><><><><>
On Page Two of    
***   We  restructured their written format,
while maintaining the authors words an phrases
***   We listed the grievances in ten categories, 
to make for ease of reading 
and to enhance content's-memory-retention. 

Why did we re-write it.?
***   Because it is  written in legalese.
Legalese  is. dry, cold, heatless, confusing language
using terms, words, and phrases that are nor commonly known.,

and are often hard to understand. 

***   Because it has  incredibly poor
formatting and sentence structure.
The second paragraph is a good example
It has 296 words and only 7 sentences in 

<><><><><>   <><><><><>
On page Three
***  We-The-People
We-The-People's  Declaration-of-
Freedom,  Liberty, &  Sovereignty.

Our Goal is to, within 177 days,
to have  this document signed
by 100,000 People Who Choose
to Live in freedom, Sovereignty and Llove.

<><><><><>   <><><><><>
On Page Four
We show you how simply, how joyous, an effecive you can be by joining the signers of
We-The-people's Declaration of Freedom, and Sovereignty

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F.R. 18-03-09

We offer You


Information that you won't find anywhere else..

Because our team is Fifth-Dimension-Conscious
Like every other civilization in the entire galaxy,
we DO NOT charge money.

Because we do not charge money,
those still stuck  in
third dimension consciousness,
consider our work to be worthless
If that's you, you have two choices

Your Choices:

Continue doing only  as you are presently doing~ and
Stay  Stupid 
        Continue living in Sheyitt-Consciousness.~
       If that is you, please go away

   Thoroughly Examine the Evidence and then:  

      Participate in Human Evolution
         Cooperation / Muual Support /  Single point focus
 ..     .....




Adventures    One  to  Five

 Examine your our very own Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient.~
      You will be amazed at what you will find.
       Check Again, now.~!

*2   Grand Opportunity
     Take advantage of Humanity's
Grand Opportunity during the dying phase~ of
     the Death of both 
     *   Learn   Why The Death of Money is Inevitable.
          Unavoidable and Coming Soon

     *   Learn Evil's real purpose of Money~
     *   Are you aware that the concept called money is
         The Greatest and the Longest-Lasting Fraud~
          ever created


The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove -- 
      have ben found, updated and
     offered to All Who Seek Llove.
     Begin by learning, practicing. and living by
The First Universal Law of Llove~.
     This treatise on Llove  is based upon
      Physics of Consciousness   and.. The Rules of Reality~. 

Education,-   Entertainment,  &  Consciousness training,
     All three are combined in our monthly,  Full-Moon
     Celebrations of Life / Llove / 5th.D, Consciousness
     Here's where we will change the world with our combined
     Cosmic Power of Collective Human Consciousness.

*5   The Ultimate Worthy Cause~
     An easily-avoidable, otherwise inevitable
     massive , social, political, environmental and financial disaster
     Keep your head up your ass and it's sure to happen.!
     Continue to ignore it, and
     DISASTER is certain to happen.

1---5   .....




Adventures    Six   to  Ten    

*6   An exposé on  Human Nature 
       What is the True Nature of Earth-Humans.
       Life is NOT what we have been  led to believe it is
       it is by those who claim to know.

Creating a Financial Power Team
     In order to counterbalance
     the financial power of the Cabal-Criminal-Bankers,
We-The-People are creating a

Conscious Christianity:
     Are you stuck in The Vatican 4th.D., Catholicism-Fraud.?
     Examine the Teachings of Jesus and participate in   
    The Conscious, Evolution of Christianity.

How to End The Cycles of War:
      Wars come and go, but until now,
      Very few Galactic Civilizations have figured out
       How to End  the million-year old,  CYCLES OF WAR.~ 

President Trump - Genius & Idiot
     Third-Dimension Genius / Fifth-Dimension Idiot
      We have two major challenges.
      President Trump can only solve one of them

Trump's second challenge can only be resolved by
Collective action of

    5---10   .....




Adventures  Eleven  to  Fifteen   

*11   We-The-People must begin creating our own food
     *   Here's how:
            Organic, Local-Community Gardening system~
            with its national level Support network
*   Here's why  >>>>>      GMO~         Situation Update~
     *     All the money necessary is available.
     *     The only holdup is that YOU  and most other people
            are still waiting fro someone else to come along
           save them from complete destruction.

*12     Creating a Free Un-Censored Internet
     We are creating a Free, UN-Censored, Fifth-Dimension,
People to people Connection & Communication Service.

Torus Scientific-Research Team
Are you aware that the Earth is
NOT Flat.    NOT Round,    NOT Convex,
It's Scientifically Proven to be
 Torus Shape

Irrefutable scientific evidence tells ua that
       All the oceans no the entire earth are on a single flat plane.
       What does that tell you.
       Keep up with the Torus-Energy-Field-
       Scientific-Research-Team. and
       find out. what the evidence tell us.

Watch the Documentary at:

SEX SELLS  and  Have I Got a Deal For You~.
     With an opening line like, "Have I Got a Deal For You !",
     the first questions that an intelligent person would ask are:
     Is this a joke?    Is this guy crazy?
     Is this guy some kind of con artist?
     Is it possible that there is something legitimate here?

*15  Con
sciousness is King.  
       Consciousness is the  Ultimate/ unbeatable  Weapon of War

   ..   11--15  .....




16  >>>  22

.*16  The Seven Winning Strategies combined:
       *   The TLC-Life-Center Team
            has put together seven  major,
           War-Winning Strategies along with  supporting evidence.
       *   We have created a comprehensive,
           well-designed  set of strategies for wining
            the ongoing war for the control of Human-Consciousness
           and for the ownership of the Earth, itself.

*17   Winning Strategy for Defeating the Evil/Cabal

*18   Laws of War
The Five Primary Laws for winning a war of Consciousness

<><><><><> 19  <><><><><>  19  <><><><><>
 <><><><><>   <><><><><>   <><><><><>
*19   How to Bankrupt the Cabal Criminal Money System

*   We Offer a Simple and Perfectly Legal Way to
   Pay off All Debts

         and at the same time,

 Completely destroy  The entire
     Cabal Fraudulent Banking system.

          and at the same time,

*   Build the new Service to All business Structure
Foundation/Corporation-Partnership Business structure~

*   We Use  The Fifth-Dimension~  economics. 

*   Everything communally- owned 
     is built by  and owned by the local people as part of
*   The new Service to All Social Structure.~

          and at the same time

Take the Fast Track to Freedom,,,   ...
We tap into the dying proses of The Death of Money and
ride the wave into huge amounts of wealth for We-The-People~. .

<><><><><>   <><><><><>   <><><><><>
<><><><><>   <><><><><>   <><><><><>
END    How to Bankrupt the Cabal Criminal Money System
<><><><><>  19   <><><><><>  19   <><><><><>

*20   A loser's Strategy

Why We-The-People  are presently losing the war
for the control of human consciousness
and for the control of physical Earth, itself

*21   How to Apply the Winning Strategy

 *22   Consciousness is King.  
     Consciousness is the  Ultimate Weapon of War

    *   Notice that all real changes are acts of creation
         and NOT destruction.
    *   Notice that all changes are first internal, human thoughts
    *   Also notice that the primary weapon is Llove

*23 & Beyond    For-More-Content:
Additional pieces of the most common contents of Humanity's
Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient  can be found at ...

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F.R. 18-03-09

TLC-Life-Center   ..
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove   (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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